Martin and Kenneth already had a website which was built in flash and they where buried in the search engines partly due to flash websites not ranking well and partly due to the keywords they where targeting.


We recreated the Flash website into HTML and CSS


"Dear Chris and Will

Thanks for transforming our business.

As you know almost all our business will be coming through the Rawdigital website. Our courses are in the South of France and our customers are all over the world so the internet is our main sales tool.

I did a provisional site myself to start off and it never got above page 3 in Google and that was only in the UK. After Will got his hands on it and completely redid it from scratch we were at the top of page one from the second day after going live!

More than that, the site had a lot of pictures (it’s our thing) and some complex links to not overwhelm the user. It was all handled beautifully in the finished site with sensitive design and attention to detail – and it’s optimised to load fast. Will convinced us to do it in Wordpress because the blog will be a big interest gatherer. I’d never heard of Wordpress but it works wonderfully.

We’ve had clients from Canada, UK, Holland, Australia, France and India.

Thanks again" Martin – Rawdigital Photograhy Workshops.