Benefits of using CDN’s for your website

September 13, 2013 | comments: 0

This week we introduced CloudFlare CDN as part of our hosting service, this gives three major benefits to  our clients sites.

1) The websites loads faster

2) The Websites are more secure

3) The websites never go offline(100% up time)

To explain how CDN’s do this let me now go through each point and explain why they are so.


1. The website loads faster

In traditional hosting you have 1 server in 1 country and it is that server where your website resides.

Say someone from the UK types in your URL and clicks enter, they load your website from where your server is which could be America.

This slows down the transfer of files drastically and this is where CDN’s come in.

CDN stands for Content distribution network, which means instead of your website files being on one server there are multiple servers.


2) The Websites are more secure

Because CDN’s use a network of servers with many different  websites on them they are constantly attacked in all manner of ways, this has the effect that CDN’s security systems can react instantly to block the person from attacking your website.


3) The websites never go offline(100% uptime)

If your website ever went down for some reason either by a hosting issue or by a denial of sevice attack. Normally your website would not load. With CloudFlare this is not the case because your website is stored on this network it will stay online whatever happens.



I suggest CDN’s for anyone looking to give a kick to their websites load times. Thanks for reading.


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